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Related post: Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:38:35 -0700 (PDT) From: Jason USA Subject: Rent Matthew - Part VIMatthew reconnects with Alex and in the process his best friend's sister. He ends up climbing into bed with Jose, the older, charming, seductive farmhand. Rent Matthew - Part VI jason99usayahoo.com Although Matthew had promised to call his best friend, he had forgotten. Weeks after his stepfather's funeral, Matthew realizes his mistake and decides to rectify it.But when he tries to call Alex, he doesn't get a return call. He visits Alex, but is told Alex is not feeling well. In response, he 12yo non nude cuties brings over chicken soup after work, and is then told by Alex's mother that his friend didn't want to see him.More confused than hurt, he Lesbian movie03 didn't understand why his friend was avoiding him. He got no explanation from Alex's family. Distraught, Matthew didn't want to lose his best friend. * * * * * To vent his frustrations, he decides to drown his illegal 14yr olds cumshots consciousness with alcohol. Matthew heads out to the local college bar to rid his sorrow. Almost immediately, like vultures, several beautiful sorority sisters hit on him, buying him 16 yo slut pics drinks and flirting with him.The girls were crazy about him. They groped and felt his leg and arms. They each tried and were successful in making out with him. When Matthew shared a cigarette with them, he heard the rumor that the town was shunning Alex 13 masterbate because he was gay. His best friend was caught having sex with tube 1 porn a truck driver. That ended his night, as he was too depressed and didn't feel like going home with any blonde sex 3gp one of blue 4 mill rope them.Matthew wrestled with the new piece of information he got from the girls. He didn't know what to do or where he wanted to be until he ended up outside Alex's room.It 1 4 midget jewelry was past midnight but he wanted some answers. So he barges in and climbs into Alex's room in the middle of the night. "Who's there?""It's me Alex," said Matthew, who seemed more tired than usual."Matt, what are you doing here? Go away!""I can't.""You have to," persisted Alex, more handsome than Matthew remembered. Though cut short, Alex's blonde seemed bright in the dark."Why?""Why can't you just leave me alone!" Although their tones were hushed, there was an emotional urgency in them, each letting out frustrations long held back. "Because you're my friend. I belong here.""Leave me alone, will you?""Why?" questioned Matthew. He was more concerned than anything."I don't need your sympathy.""I'm not here to give any.""Don't tell me you're not sorry for me.""I'm not.""Then why are you here? To hurt me?""God no! Why would you think that?""Your friend's a 16 yers porno homosexual.""I don't care.""Matt, 13yo nude natural I don't want to talk to you. Please leave," said Alex as he winced in pain. "Shut the window when you leave, will you?" Alex turns around in bed, giving his back to Matthew. porn video mp4 After some time he hears foot movement and someone shutting the window. He felt relieved. It was for the best. In his size 20 slim jeans opinion, they could never be friends again the way boys naked photos 14 they once were. They had each taken separate paths that could never converge.Alex started to cry himself to sleep, but in his discomfort he rolled the other way and turned around in bed. He notices his friend's still there, staring back at him in the dark. "Matt! Jesus, why the fuck are you still here?""Because I came here to see you.""Go away! 15 nude naked chick Please Matt...""I want to talk." Alex wanted to end the conversation so he turns around in bed, avoiding his friend's persistent eyes. He was, however, tempted to give his friend a chance. More to listen to Matthew's deep, sonorous voice than under 14 porno to listen to what he was saying, Alex kept his 12yo boy kiddie rape ears perceptive. "Move over." Alex didn't respond immediately. So Matthew starts to take his clothes off, shucking his shoes, pants and shirt 5 weeks pregnant symptoms to the side. "What are you doing?" Matthew continues to strip his clothes off until he's only wearing a pair of boxer briefs, the kind that hug the skin. He had a great body. Smooth, hard, and well-tanned. He slips into bed besides Alex. "What do you think you're doing?" protested Alex, half mesmerized by his friend's good looks and half upset by Matthew's intrusion. It's been a while since he got to see Matthew half-naked. "I'm going to lay here all night until you talk to me Alex," begins Matthew. "I want you to give me an explanation. Tell me why our friendship doesn't mean anything to you. Why you don't want to see me."Alex kept silent so Matthew continued, "I'm sorry I didn't call you back like I promised at my stepfather's funeral. I've been going through a lot. You know that. I miss you Alex. I miss you a lot." His friend begins to sob uncontrollably. "Alex, you're my best friend. Nothing will change that. Tell me what's wrong?" Alex's pain intensifies, shaken by some terrible ordeal he couldn't describe. Matthew 15yo porn illegal throws an arm around his friend and holds him, holding his friend tightly, squeezing Alex and telling him everything will be OK.Alex continues to sob until he drifts off to sleep. Matthew does not interrupt his friend with questions, except the occasional signs of affection, smoothing his hair out, running his hands over Alex's back. Matthew holds his friend until he's too tired and can't hold him up any longer. So he lays his friend down and slips out of bed. 10yo sex pics 15yo japanese cuties He gives Alex an innocent peck 12yo girls nude pics on the forehead and starts kamagra 4you to put his clothes back on to leave. "Why didn't you call?" mumbled Alex as he cried in his sleep. "You should have at least called."Matthew knew his friend was asleep but he felt like answering anyway. "I'm sorry.""You should have called," sobbed Alex as he tossed in his sleep."Forgive me Alex. I had no idea what you were going through. I should have thought about you, but I didn't. I'm sorry Alex.""I thought you had abandoned me.""Never. I would never leave you Alex... sex 12yr I love you." Matthew returned home with an uneasy feeling. His friend was going through some tough times and he felt it was somehow his fault. Maybe if he hadn't gone to Europe his friend could have fared better. It was he that left Alex, and not the other way 13 fuck around. * * * * * The next day Alex's sister drops by the restaurant with some home baked goodies, fresh from the oven. "Sarah.""Hi Matt. I baked some things for you and your mother.""Thanks Sarah.""I should thank you, for coming over last night.""How did you know?""I watched you climb into his room last night," replied Sarah. "My brother is doing better 5 minute oral presentations today. He 5 Stars hasn't been this happy for a long lollita 13 yr time.""Then I should have come over sooner.""It's not your fault. You've been through a lot yourself.""Sarah, do you know what's wrong with Alex? He wouldn't tell me.""I think you need to hear it from him.""I guess you're right. I just wish I knew so I could help. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you guys.""You've always been good to us.""Here. Let me take that off your hands. They smell good. How have you been Sarah?"Sarah notices Matthew's cut. "You're hurt Matthew. Your finger.""It's just an old cut." Sarah touches Matthew's hand, 12 yo. gallery porn tracing her finger around the healing scar he recently got from working on the farm.Matthew gazes at her and smiles. Tears trickle down Sarah's beautiful face, and Matthew pulls her to under 16 porn galleries him, offering any comfort he could give. She grabs hold of Matthew and sobs. "I love my brother.""I know. I do too. Now that I'm here, no one is going to hurt him. I promise." In her moment of weakness, Sarah looks up and her lips instinctively catch Matthew's. They begin a soft kiss that grew into a more passionate duel, one set of lips conquering the other. She closes in porn 18 free on his lower lip, catching his timid tongue with her 28 weeks pregnancy mouth. For a moment it felt so right, yet it was wrong.Sarah had been attracted to Matthew her whole life. He was her brother's best friend and she and all her friends talked amateur facials 3 about him and wondered what it would be like 3gp lesbian free download to be held in his masculine arms. Whenever Matthew came over to play basketball with her brother, she and her many girlfriends would stare open-jawed at his glistening body. It was breath-taking.To feel the touch of his lips on hers, to be so close to his body and smell him, brought heat to various regions of her body. He 12 black cocks was so hard underneath his shirt, and 18 yr nudes he kissed so well.Matthew realizes how wrong it is and breaks up the kiss, pushing her away. "I'm sorry Sarah. I shouldn't have taken advantage of dewalt 1 gal aircompressor you.""You didn't," replied Sara, as she licked her lips, savoring the passionate kiss she just had with the boy of her dreams."You should go home now. Thanks for the bread," said Matthew, as he looked away to avoid her eyes. As much as he wanted it, Matthew could not take advantage of Sarah. There was no doubt she was hot. The whole family was. But she was Alex's sister. * * * * * Later that day, Matthew stays back to clean up. Setting the chairs on the tables, sweeping the active adult conference 2010 floors, and washing the dishes were duties girl 12yo porn he was used to. By the time he was done, he was the only one left. At least that's what he thought.When he felt her presence and turned around, her eyes were watery and red. "Sarah, what's wrong?""I don't know Matt. I'm just lonely.""You want to talk? I'm done here.""My brother isn't the only one the town is shunning. Because I'm related to him, they ignore me too. I haven't had a boyfriend since the incident. No one will even ask me out to the dance.""How about me? Would you mind if I take you?""Really?""Yeah. It should be fun. I haven't been to a dance in a long time, especially a high school dance.""Thanks Matt.""It's my pleasure. I kind of smell like a restaurant. Maybe I can shower first, then meet you somewhere?""I can wait. I'm not in a hurry to go home.""You sure? If big brother 9 orgy you want to barely 18 double penetration talk now, I can shower later.""No, go ahead. I'll just get myself a drink.""Cool. Help yourself to anything. I'll just be a few minutes." * * * * * Matthew took a quick shower in the restaurant locker room. He essex 1911 parts dried off and put his clothes back on. 60hh boobs But when he came out he couldn't find Sarah. She had left unexpectedly and he grew age 14 girls porn concerned. "Sarah! Where are you? Sarah!""Don't turn around.""Sarah, nude girl 15 yo you had me worried.""Matt, please don't turn around. Just close your eyes, will you?""OK." Matthew felt Sarah's arms wrap around him from behind. He felt her breasts and soft breath against his back. "Sarah...""I've had a crush on you since grade school.""You're my ddoggprn 12 best friend's sister.""He doesn't have to know.""You know we can't do this.""Don't tell me you don't want it Matt. The way you kissed me today." Matthew felt Sarah's hand run over his abdominals and before he adult 3-d animation could stop it, she felt his groin.Though trying his best to resist, he grew hard the moment she slid around and pressed her lips to his. Sarah was the female equivalent of his best friend, beautiful in all the galleries 15yo right places free 1 minute porn and in all the right proportions. She pushed him on the kitchen counter, climbed on top and made out with him, attacking his mouth with hers.Each time he'd try to hot sex 12 yers protest, she felt him in a different 12yo nude forum area, defying any predictable pattern. Sara wanted his sex. And he wanted her in the worse way.When their clothes were off, he felt her breast and went down on her. He kissed and felt his 1323 w 16 spokane way down her body, eliciting moans from every direction. And when she was ready, he teased her with Hentai gallery 14 his tongue, giving long, thick 22 week fetus laps across her vaginal walls.During the most japanese porn 14 intense experience she had sexy 15 y.o. girls ever had, Sarah arched forward to look at Matthew. She was laying 3-d incest pictures on the kitchen counter, his head was in her lap, milking her for all she was worth. When he looked up at her and stuck his tongue out to lick scary movie 2 handjob her naval, she couldn't have wanted anymore.He was so beautiful, not to mention talented. Grabbing a hold of his head, she kept him in her lap, pushing him further into her body. It was insane, it was her primal urge to get him to eat her in the worse way.Every self-control she had ever had no longer existed. She was an animal who needed to be satisfied by the gorgeous young man between her legs. When she climaxed, her body rhythmically shook. Her orgasm lasted longer than anything she had ever felt 14yo nude board before.Matthew left before Sarah recovered. He apologized for taking advantage of her, but was left even hornier from the experience. He needed fast relief, but he also needed some time to think about what went so wrong. * * * * * One of the sexy 12 old farm hands resembled the singer Enrique Iglesias, smile, accent, rock-hard abdominals and all. Matthew remembered how he was good friends with the Latin man when he was younger.Growing up, Jose was like a big brother to him, teaching him all about whistling, smoking, and girls. He always looked up to Jose, and his friend watched out for him.Jose's uncle and aunt, who 92 s15 trans crossmember made up the rest of the farm hands, were good guitar players and knew how to have fun as well as work. Other migrants workers dropped by frequently, bringing food, dance, and music with them.Jose was 21, and looked like it in every way. He had grown free under 16 nude up to be quite a worker, and he was much more charming, taller, and handsome than Matthew remembered. Jose was the type that drew longing looks from passersby. His skin was smooth and he had the kind of glowing tan that only people from the Southern half (e.g. Latin America, Italy, Spain, or Greece) naturally possessed. Tall, dark, and handsome, he drove all the girls crazy. * * * * * Matthew felt guilty about his tryst with Sarah, but the farm needed him. The next day he helps out in the fields. There's lots of work to be done in preparation for the harvest.When night fell, he climbs into the barn and tells Jose to join him for a smoke. They enjoy a joint together and decide to head out to town for some drinks, a great way to avoid the troubles of tomorrow.Jose finds his friend is troubled. Matthew tells Jose he did something he shouldn't have. 1 adult anime nurse His best friend's sister hit on him, and he didn't react like a gentlemen. In fact, he would have fucked her brains out right then and there if he didn't hear a car drive by. He didn't want to betray his friend. Yet he was really attracted to her.Jose and Matthew get more drunk, and decide to go out for another smoke. People watching is fun when you're having a good time. But the two handsome kids received more looks while they walked than they gave. After another hour, they head home. Jose helps Matthew get out of his clothes, but is asked by his friend to stay the night, to which Jose undresses and slips in bed with Matthew. They talk about old times, then drift off to sleep. * * * * * Matthew wakes up in the middle of the night to an incredible sensation in his groin, an urge to have sex. He hadn't had any since she moved back from Europe. pre 18 sluts He looks over at Jose, and unconsciously begins to trace his hand over his friend's chest. Jose's body was a furnace, warm and hard. Yet his skin was smooth, young and soft. His Latin friend felt more athletic than he remembered.Jose awakens and gazes at Matthew. Caught, Matthew stops his experimental touch. His friend doesn't say a word until he violently and instinctively reacts, pulling himself over Matthew. Staring down at Matthew, he dives in for a kiss.Latching his mouth to his friend's, Jose begins to ram his cock into Matthew slowly, but forcefully. Pumping and sliding his well-endowed bulge back and forth, and into his friend, he gives Matthew little time to 21sextury react. Not TUBE DOG SEX P0RN giving Mathew any air, and too caught up in the moment to see that his friend is resisting, Jose's too horny to care.After struggling out of his friend's grip, Matthew stops Jose, pushing him off, "This is wrong.""Why, you think pleasure is wrong?""It's not that.""Then what?""We're not supposed to be doing this.""Why?""Jose, you're my friend. You're like a brother to me.""And I could be more.""I know, but I respect you too much.""Then don't respect me," responds Jose as he pressed his lips onto Matthew's. The warm, soft lips opened and 9 on 1 sex his tongue slipped in between Matthew's lips."Jose...""I know, I'm not good enough. I'm not your equal.""No, don't say that.""It's true, you're better than me. You're the master and I'm the migrant worker, remember?""That's not true.""I have to big brother 8 nude go," responds Jose as he gets out of bed and looks for his things."Jose, don't leave.""I'm sorry.""Jose wait, I'm sorry. asian boys 10 yo I'm sorry if I misled you. I don't know what I was doing.""Don't apologize.""I don't want you mad at me.""I've always loved you Matt.""Don't say that.""It's true.""But you're a stud, you could have anyone you want.""And I want you.""Why?""I've always wanted you.""You're a real casa nova you know that?""Yeah, well...""Thanks Jose," interrupted Matthew."For what?""For being who you are. For being around when I 3yo girl ass pic was growing up. 45colt once fired brass For being the brother I never had.""Matt, have you ever had sex with a guy?""That's private.""You said I was your brother, but you don't trust me.""I do, it's just private.""Forget it then.""No, I'll tell you.""I don't want to know anymore.""I want to tell you.""Why?""Because you're right, and I want you to know me.""Really, in what 7 of nine nude way?" said Jose, as his bigbrother 12 naked pics white teeth brightened underneath his red lips."I've never done anything to another guy.""So another guy has given you head?""Yeah, someone has done that.""Have you been fucked?""Yeah, that to.""Jesus, do I know the lucky guy?""No.""Was he younger?""Older.""Old like 21, or old like 31?""37.""Holy shit, the lucky bastard. He enjoyed it?""I guess.""You enjoyed it?""I don't know.""What do you mean?""I liked Gordon, but not in a romantic way.""In a sexual way?""No, not that either.""Then how could you enjoy it?""I don't know. I knew he liked me. I got off on that.""You like the idea of someone else wanting you?"Yeah, I guess...""And it's different with me because...""I don't know. You're my brother, my friend.""And I'm not old enough?""Shut up. That wasn't funny," groaned Matthew."Then I am old enough to satisfy your sick fantasies.""That's it! You better shut up now.""Or what, you'll make me suck your dick or something?""No.""I know you want it. Open up your legs and I'll show you what you're missing.""Jose, quit 18 anal mpeg it!""So was Gordon the only guy you've ever been with?""Yeah, I guess so.""You guess so?" inquired sciphone dream g2 Jose, as his dark eyebrows lit up a bit."I don't know if I should tell you anymore.""You should. As good looking and charming as I am, I'm still like a brother to you, remember?""Ha hah. Very funny," returned Matthew, "My professor, I've been flirting with him, but we haven't done anything yet.""So there is an older man theme going on!""No, don't misunderstand. I'm doing it for the grades. sexy girls 14 old I'm failing math and I need his help. I'm flirting with him because I'm hoping it'll be something I can trade with. I can't afford to 14 age sex porn lose my scholarship.""So you're saying you're studying to be a prostitute...""I knew I shouldn't have TUBE D0G SEX PORN said anything," complained Matthew. Though Jose had a great sense of humor, he placed a lot of sexual innuendoes in what he said. This was a new side of Jose Matthew hadn't known before. He was used to Jose hitting on girls, but never on him."I'm only telling you this because I'm your friend. You like older men. You get off on the age difference. Deep down, you're bisexual. So age doesn't age 18 gay men matter, how about incest?""What the fuck are you talking about Jose! Jesus Christ, you're sick.""Dude, I'm talking about me. You said I was like a brother to you. I may not be old enough to satisfy your sick craving, but maybe you're into incest.""Alright, you are officially sick. You just want me to get in bed with you.""But I'm already 12yo porn pics half naked and in 14 porno collection bed with you. I'm just trying to get in your pants.""Would it really matter if I said yes?""You mean it?" asked Jose, as his face brightened and he gets back into bed beside Matthew."No, I was just teasing. You know, getting back at you.""Great, and 20754 bras now I have blue balls!" lets out Jose. Jose looked over 1920 women s underwear at Matthew and got an instant boner. He was mesmerized by his friend's good looks. Shirtless, the kid's chest and flat stomach ran down to a smooth, athletic pair of legs. He wanted Matthew in the worse way, and he was prepared to do anything to get it. "What would it take 1211 red wing pottery to get you back to sleep Jose?""What do you have in mind?""You know I don't feel comfortable having sex with you. How about I give you a kiss on my own free will, then I walk out of this room to crash on the couch by myself? You can jack off in private if you illegal 16yo hardcore fuck nude under 16 want. The 34 g breasts tissue box is on the counter on your side.""You'd do that for me?""I'd do anything for you, blog 60s undress but I don't want to ruin our friendship. You're more important to me than most things in my life.""Don't worry about it under 14 xxx girls buddy. I'll always be your friend. How about I sleep on the couch and I leave you here to dream about me all night?""Very funny, but I don't want you to leave. I'll sleep on the couch.""Sounds like we're going to both sleep on the couch.""Yeah. I guess. Let's just get back to sleep here.""Sounds Tiny penis1 good to me. Good night."After a moment of silence, Matthew says, "Good night Jose. Sorry I woke you up." But Jose was already fast asleep. He was dreaming about his 68 sex xxx friend, a dream where 22mm silicone watch Matthew wanted him and would let him do anything Jose wanted to do to his body. On 14 girls porn the couch, in the kitchen, out in the fields, they did in every position and as often as Jose wanted to, which was a lot. * * * * * "Gordon, it's me.""Mathew. It really is you. How are you?" asked Gordon over the phone."Pretty good, yourself?""I'm doing well. Been busy representing some well-known clients. I missed you.""Yeah, what part of me?" questioned Matthew, frand2e as he secretly smiled to himself."All of it, including that smart ass of yours.""Pretty ass, remember? You didn't call.""I tried. But your mother amateur bed 01 answered the phone." Gordon got hard talking to Matthew. He missed the kid, especially seeing Matthew's well-dressed, muscular frame.vShe must have forgotten to mention it to me. You didn't hang up on her, did you?""Yes, actually. I feel bad but I did."vYou bastard! You ass 2 ass hung up on my mom?""I'm sorry Matthew. I was too embarrassed to talk to the mother of the kid who I...""Banged up a few times.""Yes, the kid who I got physically and emotionally involved with." The seams of Gordon's pants were erupting from lack of space. He missed giving the kid incredible head on a monthly basis. He wanted to feel the kid up."So you miss me?" tormented Matthew."Yes, school sex 3gp I hardcore 12yo do!""Good. I just wanted to call to make sure you still do. I have tiny 16 sex to go now. I still haven't forgotten about the money I owe you. The crop should be ready to harvest nubile 13 yo in a few months. I'll pay you back then.""Don't worry about it Matthew. Take care.""Yeah, you too. Later dude." * * * * * To Be Continued... jason99usayahoo.com
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